My Stories

last updated 5/1/13

Here are some of the stories Iíve written about my experiences and adventures with nude living and recreation. Iím constantly writing up new things that my friends and I have done so check out this page every so often for new additions.

The Year 2012 in Review
Published May 2013.

The Year 2011 in Review
Published March 2012.

The Year 2010 in Review
Published January 2011.

Out of the Mouths of Babes
Published April 2010.

The Year 2009 in Review
Published March 2010.

The Year 2008 in Review
Published February 2009.

The Last Camping Trip
Published December 2008.

The Year 2007 in Review
Published February 2008.

The Year 2006 in Review
Published February 2007.

Published November 2006. Revised June 2007.

The Year 2005 in Review
Published January 2006.

Camping? Julie? For Real?
Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2
Published April 2005.

The Year 2004 in Review
Published January 2005.

The Year 2003 in Review
Published January 2004.

Reflection and Introspection
Published June 2003.

The Year 2002 in Review
Published January 2003.

Part 1 of 4
Part 2 of 4
Part 3 of 4
Part 4 of 4
Published November 2002.

The Second Camping Trip - Summer 2001
Published March 2002.

The Year 2001 in Review
Published January 2002.

A Weekend Camping Trip with Amandaís Family - Summer 2001
Published December 2001.

Our Friend April
Published December 2001.

Expanding My Territory - Summer 2001
The first two items in this write-up were originally published in July 2001. I'm now combining those two with four additional summer escapades that I've just finished writing up. All six are being published on one page in December 2001.

Friends Meeting Friends
Published September 2001.

Introducing My Best Friend to Nudism
Part 1 of 3: Not a Good Way For Your Best Friend to Find Out You're a Nudist
Part 2 of 3: I'll Try It, But I Won't Like It!
Part 3 of 3: All Together Now
Originally published May 2001, June 2001, and July 2001 respectively. Revised April 2002.

A Weekend Camping Trip to a Nudist Campground
Originally published February 2001. Revised June 2002.

The Year 2000 in Review
Published December 2000.

A Summer Afternoon with New Friends
Originally published November 2000. Revised January 2002.

In Celebration of the 2000 Summer Olympics
Originally published October 2000. Revised January 2002.

My Newest Nudist Friends
Originally published October 2000. Revised February 2002.

A Surprise Encounter
Originally published October 2000. Revised June 2002.

My First Time to a Nude Beach
Originally published October 2000. Revised January 2002.

A Hodge-podge of Old Posts and E-mails
Originally posted to Streaking.org and published on my site between June 2000 and October 2000. Consolidated January 2002. Added some old e-mail responses March 2004. Renamed July 2004.

Discovering a Kindred Spirit
Originally published October 2000. Revised July 2002.

The Weather's Getting Warmer; I'm Getting Bolder
Originally published October 2000. Revised May 2002.