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My First Time to a Nude Beach

There has to be a first time for everybody, right? Well, this is about my first visit to a nude beach Ė my first time out in public. This big adventure began a few years ago while I was still in high school. It took a lot of finagling and I was pretty scared and then I was very embarrassed although it wasnít because I was nude in front of a couple hundred people. Now looking back on it, I guess it was pretty funny. It was certainly a life-changing experience. Anyway, hereís what happened.

I was in my senior year of high school and was working part time at the local community center where I was a lifeguard at the indoor pool (I still work there). One of the other lifeguards there that I sometimes worked with was a girl named Emmy (name changed to protect the guilty). I didnít know Emmy very well then, but I knew she was a full time student at the local college (where I now attend) and that she was in her senior year which made her quite a bit older than I was. I had a lot of admiration for her abilities as a lifeguard. She was very fit and experienced and whenever we performed drills together with her in the role of rescuer and me as the swimmer in trouble, she was a very strong swimmer easily handling me and getting us both to safety. I thought she was even more skilled than the instructors who came in from the Red Cross to certify us.

She was quiet and serious and never spoke to me unless I greeted her first which I always did (thatís just me). She wasnít mean or snobby about it Ė just kind of aloof. I assumed it was because she was older than I (a lowly high school kid) and she probably didnít think we had anything in common. I was around her off and on all year working together on the pool deck, or in the locker room, or in the gym working out before or after work. I always said hi and she would return the greeting, but that was about it.

One day in March I came into the locker room to change after my duty was over and Emmy was there getting ready to go on duty. I said hi and she said hi and as I was taking off my suit, I said, "Youíve been around here quite a bit extra this week, havenít you?"

"Yeah," she said. "This week is spring break and Iíve been covering for some of the others that took off."

"How come you didnít go on a trip Ė like to someplace warm?" I asked. I was thinking that if I were in college, Iíd for sure be on the beach someplace right now.

She replied, "Now I wish had. But I was busy with school and didnít get around to making any plans or getting with any others who were going, so Iím just working extra and getting a head start on some projects for my classes."

"Too bad," I said.

"Oh, itís OK," she replied and then added with a smile, "Iíll get over it." Then she said, "Well, Iíd better get on deck. See ya."

"Yeah, see ya," I said and finished changing and then went home.

Talking about spring break and trips and warm places started me to thinking about how much I had always wanted to go to the beach and about how much I hated the cold. I live about as far from an ocean beach as you can get and in fact I had never even been to the ocean except for once when I was a little kid and too young to appreciate it much. The idea of going to a beach really grabbed hold of me.

And then the possibility of that beach being a nude beach crept into my mind. You see, nudism had been calling me for a long time, but I hadnít yet realized it. I knew that I had this persistent desire to be nude, but I didnít know why. Iím not talking about just in the shower or in the locker room while changing or situations like that Ė my desire was to do it anytime and anyplace where it would be practical and possible Ė indoors or out. But it was confusing - I didnít know if this was normal or not. I was a little bit afraid it was some sort of a sexual or exhibitionist thing that wasnít good and I didnít want that. But it didnít feel like that - it felt free and relaxing and I really enjoyed it when I did it. So how could there be any harm in that? It was that kind of conflict that was going on in my mind.

Thus far, my nude activities had been limited to indoors; however, I had had the urge to be nude outdoors ever since I could remember, but had never acted on it. I was thinking wouldnít it be wonderful to be nude out on the beach? I knew that nude beaches existed, but I didnít know where and I didnít know of anyone who had ever been. But wouldnít that be the greatest spring break ever?

I knew a trip like that wasnít going to work out for me, though. Spring break for high school was a four-day weekend at Easter - not nearly long enough to go anywhere like I wanted. And besides, I wasnít even 18 yet so checking in to hotels and renting cars and those kinds of things probably wouldnít be possible. Oh well, maybe someday. But the thought still wouldnít let go of me.

The next day while on duty at the pool, I was still thinking about how I wished I could go to the beach. I wondered if Emmy was still wishing she had gone someplace when sheíd had the chance. Then out of the blue it hit me Ė why couldnít Emmy and I go someplace together? She was probably old enough to rent rooms and cars so that would solve that problem. But would she want to go? An even bigger question, would she want to go with me? Or would she just think I would be like a little tag-along sister? Should I ask her? Why not? What did I have to lose? OK, Iíll do it! When did she work next? I checked the schedule. She worked the next afternoon. I didnít work then, but I could come in anyway and work out in the gym and arrange to run in to her that way.

The next day, I showed up at the community center about the time that I thought Emmy would be getting ready to go on duty. When I walked into the locker room, she was already there. Perfect.

"Hi," I said.

"Oh, hi," she said. "Are we working together today?"

"No," I said. "Iím not scheduled to work today. I just came in to work out in the gym. Itís way too cold to run outside today."

Emmy said, "Thatís for sure. Well, have fun. Iíve gotta get out there."

"OK, but hey, wait a minute," I said quickly. I was feeling the pressure to not let this opportunity get away. I began to speak, struggling to say what I wanted to say in just the right way. "I was just thinkingÖabout what we were talking about the other day. Remember? You were talking about not getting to go anywhere on spring break? Well, I canít go anywhere on my spring break either Ė because itís not long enough Ė only four days. Plus Iím not really old enough." I hated to admit that last part Ė I didnít want to draw attention to our age difference because I was afraid she might have a problem with it.

Then I continued on a little more calmly and slowly as I asked, "What would you think about you and I going somewhere Ė you know, together - like right after schoolís out this summer?" I paused for a second. Emmy didnít say anything. So I went on, "Maybe for about a week. Maybe we could go to a beach somewhere. And just sort of hang out." Still no response. "Or Ė like - if you have some ideas, we could think about those." By now I was thinking that it was all over Ė she was going to say no way. It was an intimidating feeling.

Finally, she spoke. It was in a pondering sort of way. She said, "UhÖIíll think about it." Then she added more urgently, "Listen, Iíve gotta get out there. Iíll think about it." With that, she turned and walked out the door.

I didnít know what to think. She didnít say no, but she didnít sound positive either. I decided to just wait and see what happened. It was up to her Ė I wasnít going to bring it up again. I felt too intimidated. I changed and went out the other door to the gym.

After a little weight work and an hour on the treadmill, I was back in the locker room taking a shower. Just as I had shut off the water, I heard, "Oh, there you are." It was Emmy.

She continued with, "Iíve only got a minute Ė I need to get back on duty, but listen, I like your trip idea. Where were you thinking about going?"

I was stunned and just stood there dripping for a second before I stammered, "UhÖI hadnít really gotten that far into yet. Maybe Texas? Or Florida? Maybe the Caribbean? I donít know - what do you think?"

"I definitely like the beach idea," she said. "Iím graduating this spring and Iíd really like to do something special to celebrate. Iím coming out OK money-wise, so I think I can afford it and I think my family will be OK with it. But how about you?"

"Iím OK on money. And I think I can get my family to go along with it. Yeah, sure, no problem," I said still in disbelief. "And Iím graduating, too, from high school, and Iíd like to celebrate, too."

"OK," Emmy said in a take-charge kind of voice. "Then letís do this: letís get a better idea of where we want to go and when and how we think weíre going to get there. We need to get an idea of what itís going to cost, too. Then weíll compare notes and make some plans. I donít know about you, but Iíll need to have all the facts together before I ask my family about this."

"Yeah, me too," I said.

"OK - Gotta go," Emmy said as she turned and headed for the door to the pool. "Iím kinda excited about this, Sunny!" she said over her shoulder.

Wow! She said yes! I couldnít believe it. Her whole attitude toward me had suddenly changed. She had said more to me just then than she had in the whole time that we had been working together. I finished drying off, got dressed and hurried home to start planning. I was Ďkinda excited about thisí too, to say the least, although I was trying not to get my hopes up too much. There were a lot of things to work out and I knew that there were any number of things that could go wrong and keep us from going.

Over the next several days I began searching the library and the Internet for information on the kinds of places we might want to go. I was looking for places that had nice beaches, but I was particularly looking for places that also had a nude beach somewhere nearby. I didnít know how I would approach Emmy with that idea, but I was going to proceed in that direction and see how far I got. Donít get me wrong - I was not going to trick her or lie to her. I would discuss it with her eventually once I had my act together and if it turned out she was dead-set against it, then I would back down and we would do things her way. But I was really hoping that I could convince her to go along with it.

After quite a bit of time searching and reading, it looked like this one particular island in the Caribbean might be our best choice. There appeared to be many beaches - a couple of them were nude beaches - and it looked like there were lots of places to stay. Then I talked to one of my teachers that I knew traveled a lot and got the name of a travel agent. I talked with the travel agent about what I was thinking (left out the nude beach part) and she answered all my questions and said it was a good, safe destination and would be a lot of fun for two girls like Emmy and I. She also gave me some idea of costs, so now I was ready to get back with Emmy.

Emmy and I sat down one evening at a table in the snack bar area at the community center to go over what each of us had learned. She was back in school full-time again and hadnít had much time to investigate, but I told her everything that I had learned and she liked what she heard. We looked at our calendars and figured out the dates and decided to meet with the travel agent the next day to get all the rest of the facts we needed before we talked to our families. The meeting with the travel agent went fine. We then each talked to our families about our plans and although it wasnít an easy sell for either of us, we got their OKís. Then we went back to the travel agent and finalized our reservations. That was it Ė we were going! It was going to be hard to wait the two and a half months until we left, but then again I knew it might take me that long to ease Emmy into the nude beach idea. It might take me that long to work up the nerve to even bring it up with her.

Over the next month, we would talk about the trip whenever we saw each other. We talked about what we were going to do and what we were going to pack, but I still hadnít gotten up the nerve to discuss the nude beach. There really wasnít a good reason not to discuss it. The aloofness that she had showed before was totally gone now. We were becoming very good friends, but I was still waiting for the right time.

Then one day after I finished work we were in the locker room talking. Emmy said she had been looking for a new swimsuit for the trip and she asked me what kind I was going to take. I had just peeled off my regulation suit so I held it up and said jokingly, "Guess Iíll just wear old red here". As lifeguards, we had to wear these standard one-piece suits that were a very ugly faded-out red. We both laughed. Then I told her that I had just bought a new bikini for the trip and was really looking forward to wearing something besides our "uniforms". Emmy said she was looking for a two-piece, too.

Then she said with some amazement in her voice, "Iíve read that some of the beaches there are topless. Can you believe that?"

I replied trying to sound as innocent as I could, "They are? Well, we might have to try that."

Emmy replied doubtfully, "I donít know if I could do that. Could you?"

I answered trying not to sound too bold, "Well, yeah, I think I could do it." That would have been the perfect time to have the nude beach discussion, but I chickened out again and didnít pursue it.

Then another time Emmy told me that she had finally found a bikini that she liked and was describing it to me. I said, "Cool. It wonít be long now before weíll be down there wearing them."

Emmy replied jokingly, "Or in your case, just part of it."

"Whatís up with that?" I said. "Weíll never know if we donít try it."

"Weíll see," she said still doubtful.

I was now feeling that it was time to do or die. I was running out of time and I needed to have the nude beach discussion. Her doubts about going topless didnít give me much confidence to discuss going nude, but like I said, I was running out of time. I took a deep breath and said carefully and sort of matter-of-factly, "You know, Emmy, Iíve read that a couple of the beaches there are nude beaches."

"Yeah, I read that, too," she said without any surprise in her voice, "and I was wondering when you were going to bring that up."

She caught me off guard with that response. Struggling to reply and trying to sound innocent, I said, "I just thought youíd want to know so you wouldnít be surprised."

"Yeah, right," she said with a smirky little smile.

I couldnít tell for sure what she was thinking. I knew she wasnít mad, but I couldnít tell if she was flat out opposed to the idea or if she was just enjoying the fact that she had uncovered what she thought was my little scheme. I replied, "I wasnít saying we should go there. I was just telling you about it."

"I can almost imagine going topless," she said, "but bottomless? No way! Not me!"

Still testing the waters and still trying to sound innocent, I replied, "Oh, I donít know, I think I could do it. It might be kind of fun."

"Oh, yeah?" she said in a challenging kind of way. "Youíd better watch it, girl Ďcause I might just take you to one of those nude beaches. Then weíll see if youíve really got the guts to go through with it."

And I was thinking, ĎYES!í At least she was joking around about it and hadnít flat out said no. I knew we needed to discuss it more, but I didnít go any further with it that day.

Another time in the locker room, I was going into the showers as Emmy was just coming out. We were both nude and as she walked by she said, "You better do something about those tan lines, girl, or youíre going to have burn lines when we get to the beach." I turned around and looked at her walking away and noticed that she didnít have tan lines. In fact, she was moderately, but evenly tanned all up and down.

"How did you do that?" I asked her.

She turned around and said, "What? You mean this? (She was referring to her tan.) Iíve been going to a tanning salon to pre-tan for the trip. You ought to, too. That Caribbean sun is going to be pretty intense."

I hadnít thought about tanning in preparation for the trip, but now it seemed like a good idea. It was springtime now and track season was in full swing so I was outdoors in the sunshine running nearly every day. I was starting to get a pretty good farmerís tan, which was only going to get worse by the time school was out. So I took Emmyís advice and by the time we left on our trip, I was the same color all over, too Ė no tan lines - a first for me and I liked it. It looked good on Emmy, too. I wondered if other people noticed it when we were there in the locker room or when I was showering at school after track. I mentioned it to Emmy and said that people probably think weíve been to the nude beach already. That led to a discussion of the nude beach and I confessed that I had intentionally searched for a destination that had a nude beach nearby. I told Emmy about how I had had the urge to be nude outdoors ever since I could remember and that the chance to be nude outdoors on the beach was just too irresistible. She said that she had never felt anything like that and that she didnít think she could ever go "naked" like that. But she said that we could try the nude beach as long as it appeared to be safe and as long as she didnít have to go "naked". "Otherwise, weíre outta there," she said. I agreed.

OK, fast forward through the rest of the school year and the packing and the flight down. Now weíve arrived in the Caribbean. Everything is working out great. On the morning of our first full day there, we decide on a beach, hop in our car and go. It is one of the nude beaches - we both know that. Emmy is openly nervous about going there. Iím nervous too, but Iím trying not to let it show. After all, this is what Iíve been wanting for so long and Iím going to go through with it no matter how scared I am.

We get there and park the car. We grab our backpacks out of the back and walk down the path through the trees to the beach talking nervously along the way. We come out of the trees and into the sunshine. There before us is the white sand and the turquoise ocean under brilliant sunshine. It is so beautiful Ė just like the pictures.

It is mid-morning, but there are a number of other people already there. They are lying on the beach, walking along the beach, swimming in the ocean. There are men and women, all ages, all sizes - and all nude! No doubt about it Ė at long last Iím finally here! As weíre standing there, a man comes up and offers to rent us chairs and an umbrella. We accept and pay him and he points us over to two chairs and an umbrella that is already set up. We take off our sandals and start walking across the sand in that direction through the other people already there. Emmy is walking beside and slightly behind me looking down to avoid the possibility of eye contact with anyone. As we walk along she says softly and nervously to me, "This is weird. This is so weird. Donít these people know theyíre naked?"

I laughed nervously and said, "Itís OK. Itís OK. Iím sure they know. Come on. Itíll be OK." And Iím thinking, donít freak out on me now!

When we got to our chairs and umbrella we put down our backpacks and our sandals. We looked around checking out the surroundings and trying to act cool and experienced and nonchalant, but I doubt if we were fooling any of the mostly couples there around us. We werenít saying anything Ė I guess we were literally speechless. We were both wearing tee-shirts and shorts over our bikinis, so after a minute or two I pulled my tee-shirt off over my head, then unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and slipped out of them. Emmy slowly did the same Ė all the while looking around to see if anyone was watching. They werenít. As I thought about what I had to do next, a serious wave of fear swept over me and I could sense that Emmy was almost paralyzed. But I had learned that the best way for me to deal with fear was to take action and keep moving. I was here for a reason Ėto find out what it would be like to be nude on the beach! Time to act Ė with or without Emmy. I reached behind my back and untied my top and pulled it off over my head all in a split second. When Emmy turned back around, I was hanging my top from one of the ribs of the umbrella. "Iíve always wanted to do that," I said to Emmy as she looked at me with her mouth open in disbelief.

"OK," she said slowly and still nervously, "Guess itís my turn." She was looking around to see if anyone was looking as she slowly reached back to untie her top and said mostly to herself, "I canít believe Iím doing this." But while Emmy was in slow motion, I had to keep moving and I was in fast motion. I slipped my hands under the sides of my bikini bottoms, slid them down, stepped out, and dropped them on the chair - all in one movement. There! I did it! I was nude Ė outdoors - on the beach Ė in the sun and the wind - a dream now realized. By the time Emmy looked back around and saw me, I was standing there exactly like I was before Ė except I was nude. She just froze with her top in her hand and an even more astonished look on her face. She said in alarm, but softly and nervously running all her words together, "Look-at-you-Youíre-naked-Sunny-I-canít-believe-youíre-doing-this!" I had never seen cool, calm, confident Emmy this rattled before.

"Well, believe it!" I said. "Come on. Letís go check out the water." I was still so nervous and so unsure of what I was doing, but I knew that taking action was the only way to get over it. I stepped out around my chair and started walking across the sand between the other people toward the water. I didnít know if anyone was watching or not, but I was trying to be cool and casual and not act nervous. As I looked straight ahead toward the waves, I was so aware that each step was taking me farther and farther away from my clothes and I was fighting my nerves with each step in order to keep from either running back or running ahead to dive into the water. I was consciously trying to take each step slowly and be graceful and poised and at least look halfway like I knew what I was doing.

As I reached the water, I delicately stepped down over the beach drop-off where the waves come up to. I proceeded to then walk straight out into the warm ocean waters. It wasnít until I was about knee-deep that I forced myself to stop and look back to see if Emmy had followed. She was just getting to the drop-off. Her nervous look suddenly changed to concern and she started to point and say something. Then WHAM Ė a big wave suddenly hit me from the side and knocked me flat! What a shock! What a surprise! Then just as I started to get my feet back under me, another wave hit me and again sent me sprawling back up the beach toward Emmy. I struggled to get back up, coughing and trying to get the ocean water out of my mouth and nose and eyes. I stumbled a few times trying to stand up and my hair was all twisted around in my face. I was a mess Ė and I was so embarrassed. Emmy ran down and grabbed me and pulled me back away from the waves. "Are you all right? Are you all right?" she kept asking.

When I finally stopped coughing long enough to answer, I told her I was OK. Then I tried to regain my composure and straighten out my hair. Emmyís look of concern gradually began to change. First it was a smile. Then she began laughing Ė at me! How humiliating! Well, what could I do, but join in. The joke was on me. Here I was so worried about being embarrassed to be nude on a nude beach for the first time and it was wading into the ocean for the first time that just about did me in. After Emmy finally recovered from laughing so hard she said, "Well, nothing could be any more embarrassing than this!" And with that she slipped off her bikini bottoms, too.

So there we were, both of us nude for the first time outdoors, on a beach with lots of other folks Ė almost all of them nude. I went back into the water to wash off the sand and straighten out my hair, but I was keeping a close eye on the waves this time. Then we casually walked up the full length of the beach. Sometimes we waded slowly along in the water and sometimes we just walked along on the warm sand. We both kept talking in amazement about how good it felt to sense the sun and wind all over Ė such a joyous new discovery.

When we reached the far end of the beach, we leisurely explored the rocks and cliffs there. Our clothes were way back at our spot down the beach and that was just fine. We didnít need them. All our fears had disappeared completely. I was experiencing this incredible feeling of freedom and liberation. Being nude outdoors felt so free and open and natural Ė I canít begin to describe how wonderful it was to discover all these new feelings.

All along the way both up and down the beach, we were met and passed by lots of other people walking the beach, too. There were also people coming into and out of the water. All of us were nude and already that just seemed so much like thatís how life was supposed to be lived. What an amazing discovery! I vowed to myself right then that this was how I was going to be whenever possible.

All of the people that we met there on the beach were so friendly and laid-back. Most people smiled and greeted us even though many didnít speak English. One couple with a small child handed us a camera and motioned for us to take their picture. They were all three nude. What a great family portrait that made.

As the week went on, I had to put up with a lot of kidding from Emmy about my encounter with the waves on the first day. "You call yourself a lifeguard? You canít even save yourself!" Another one she came up with was, "Your parents spent all that money on dance and gymnastic lessons when you were little so that youíd grow up to have grace and poise and balance and now just look how you turned out!" But it was OK Ė I can take it.

Emmy and I of course were very polite and never stared or pointed, but we couldnít help but notice some of the (shall we say) decorating that some people do to their bodies. Every now and then one of us would secretly point out to the other someone who had something unusual (at least to us). Then one of us would quietly say, "I think you need to do that," and the other would say something like, "Iíll wait and see how you look with it first!" and then weíd both crack up. I know youíre never supposed to say never, but I donít think I could ever do some of those things to myself. Ouch!

Emmy and I enjoyed ourselves and had a great time all week. We toured the island thoroughly and visited many of the beaches. Many of them were very beautiful. We honored whatever the prevailing dress code was for the beach we were on. If everyone was wearing tops and bottoms, then we did, too. If it was topless, so were we. And you already know how gracefully we can handle a nude beach.

All too soon our last full day on the island arrived and we spent it on the nude beach. (Surprised?) We had started out the week by being pretty active and spending lots of time swimming and exploring and walking up and down the beach. But by the last day we were much more relaxed and low-key and were spending more time just kicking back on our beach chairs and lazily watching the waves and the birds. Some of the other folks around us called it being under the influence of sand gravity and said not to fight it. We didnít.

It was during one of these calm, peaceful moments when we were both just sprawled out on our beach chairs with our toes in the sand staring out to sea that I broke the silence and said, "You know, Em, I think Iím a nudist."

To my surprise, she replied matter-of-factly, "I know," as she continued to stare out to sea.

"What do you mean, Ďyou knowí?" I asked.

She said, "I just mean ever since Iíve known you, youíve been very comfortable without your clothes. You know, like in the locker room at work youíd just stand there naked and talk to me or anybody else like it was no big deal. At first I thought Ďwell sheís got a nice bod and sheís just being a little show-off - sort of an exhibitionistí. But after I got to know you a little bit I thought, Ďno, sheís actually a sweet, honest, trusting person who has good self-confidence and self-esteem and being naked doesnít bother her.í You know Ė a nudist Ė sort of Ė I guess."

"Well, thanks," I said pondering the things sheíd just said.

Then she went on to say, "You know, Iíve been influenced by you."

"Really," I said in surprise again. "Like, how?"

Emmy said, "Well, even when we didnít know each other very well, you always said hi to me and you were always friendly and quick to smile. I sort of looked forward to running in to you just because of that. I always felt like I had a friend whenever you were around."

"You had a funny way of showing it," I said.

"I know and Iím sorry about that. But anyway, youíre that way with everybody. Youíre always positive and upbeat. And everybody likes you. One day after talking to you it dawned on me that I needed to be more like that, too. I mean, I mostly always feel that way, but I just didnít act like it. So, lately, Iíve been working on it. Trying to, anyway," Emmy said.

"Iíve noticed," I said. "And I think others have, too."

Those were kind words that Emmy had said, but I could tell that she didnít really understand what I meant by being a nudist. I didnít know how to describe it at the time, but I knew that for as long as I could remember, I had had this feeling that I didnít really need clothes, like they didnít really belong on me. And now having spent a lot of this week nude outdoors on the beach and experiencing all these feelings of freedom and openness and oneness with nature, I now realized that this is all normal Ė totally normal - at least for me. It may not be what the majority of people feel, but it is perfectly normal and healthy for me. And not only that, I also felt a freedom from inner conflict Ė sort of like I had finally found myself. I felt complete and whole. But this was all so new to me then that I didnít really know how to describe it to Emmy, so I didnít try to go any further with it.

Then Emmy spoke again, but now in a completely different tone of voice, "But thatís not all." I could tell that the serious conversation was now over and that some kind of sarcasm or joke directed at me was coming.

She continued with, "Before I knew you, I never would have dreamed that Iíd wind up here on a nude beach. And I certainly never would have dreamed Iíd ever just take off all my clothes right here amongst all these people. And that Iíd walk up and down the beach all day completely naked. And that I, completely naked, would stand around and casually visit with any number of complete strangers, also completely naked, as though it was perfectly normal! Now, just look at me! Whatís become of me since I started hanging out with you?!"

I casually turned and looked at her, scanned her up and down over the top of my shades, and then turned back to stare out to sea and said, "Youíve got a nice bod. I guess youíre an exhibitionist!"

We both cracked up and then Emmy jokingly said, "I should have drowned you that first day when I had the chance."

Well, back to the present. We had a great trip and a whole lot of fun. It was also a great time of self-discovery for me. Learning that I was indeed a nudist and that it was normal and healthy has allowed me to enjoy a freedom that continues to grow as I do it every chance I get and live that way as much as possible. I feel so much more complete and whole now that Iíve come to that understanding. And besides all that, itís so much fun! I hope you can understand what Iím talking about. I hope youíll check it out for yourself.


Epilog: So Whatever Happened to Emmy?

After I first published this story, a number of people wanted to know what ever happened to Emmy, my friend and travel partner that found herself in the middle of a crowded nude beach with me as I openly took the plunge into social nudism for the very first time. Since she soon followed suit (suit-less?) there with me, you would think that she could be counted as my first convert to nudism. But Iím not so sureÖ

As I mentioned, Emmy had just graduated from college (the one I now attend) and was then going on to grad school at a university in another state. We e-mailed back and forth for a while, but then we finally just lost touch with each other. She has probably finished grad school by now and started a career.

Anyway, when we got back home from our trip, Emmy stayed with me for a few days while she wrapped things up before going back to her hometown in another state. After spending so much time on the nude beach, it was pretty hard for me to keep clothes on when we got back. I was changed forever. But Emmy wasnít like that. She was dressed most of the time while I was nude most of the time. This wasnít a problem or anything. We talked about it a couple of times. She said she had eventually felt completely comfortable being nude on the nude beach, but that she felt more comfortable wearing something the rest of the time. Thereís nothing wrong with that and we each did our own thing Ė together. We spent many a late night staying up talking about anything and everything you can imagine. She was dressed. I was nude. She was comfortable. I was comfortable. We talked and laughed for hours like that.

I think Emmy might go to a nude beach or some other nude recreational activity if someone else that she knew initiated it, but I doubt if she would seek it out on her own. I could be wrong Ė this is just an opinion based on the observations above. So I donít know whether I can claim her as a nudist convert or not. She wasnít against it Ė in fact, she actively participated, but she wasnít into it nearly as much as I was.

At any rate, this is a good example of how nudists and non-nudists can and should be able to coexist. Itís apparent to me that a layer or two of clothing in and of itself really doesnít create any significant differences between people. Weíre still the same either way. But hey, thatís just me.

Probably the reason that Emmy and I lost touch with each other is because she would get so focused on what she was doing that she would lose track of everything else. Thatís why she was so aloof to my gestures of friendship when we first started working together. Once she got to grad school, she probably became so intensely involved in her studies that she just put everything else out of her mind including me, I guess. But I donít hold that against her. Sheís a great person and a great friend and I sincerely hope our paths cross again someday.



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