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last updated 8/28/2014

Hi Everybody!

Welcome to my humble little website! I go by the name, SunnyDay here on the Ďnet. Iím 34 years old and Iím privileged to be married to the most wonderful man on the planet! Weíve been married for 11 years and weíre privileged, honored and grateful to be the parents of three sweet, precious children Ė a girl (6), a boy (4), and another girl (2). Weíre very happy!

OK, so why does the world need yet another personal website? I created this site solely for the purpose of sharing with others the joys Iíve experienced with nude recreation and living. I had my first nude beach experience when I was seventeen and I havenít been quite the same since. Iíve written a lot about that and many other experiences since then in the stories that are available via the links below. My hope is that in them youíll find insights into what nude recreation and living is all about Ė maybe even some inspiration and encouragement.

So whatís new with this update? Another new story by another active member of our little community here! Itís actually a letter that heís written to his wife. Itís very tender and genuine Ė straight from the heart. You can find it at the bottom of the My Friendsí Writings page. Please read it and then give him some feedback on the message board. VeryGary, thank you so much for sharing this. Oh, and donít forget that Bradís story (My Journey into Nudism) is very new, also. So if you havenít already read it, please check it out, too! Great job to both of these authors!!

Thanks so much for visiting. Hey, how about signing the guest book if you havenít already? Iíd love to know you were here. And check out the message board, too, and see what everyoneís talking about. Come back soon!



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